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All Terrain PopUpBleacher Seating

Over ten years working within the outdoor event sector advising event organisers on the potential challenges and pitfalls of installing temporary seat structures in such DIVERSE places as a Thames barge, a Hotel roof garden, Buckingham Palace forecourt, the Yorkshire Moors, the US Embassy and on Branscombe beach, these more extreme destinations, along with more realistic destinations are the creative pop up seating challenges that PopUpArena thrive upon.

Whether you seek an arena for 1000 bleacher seats, or perhaps a small-scale break out area around a stage or arena, our unique ALL TERRAIN tiered bleacher seating system will operate across green and grey terrains within city centres, urban spaces and country parks. At destinations for equestrian events, music festivals, county shows, air shows, sports events, military tattoos and cultural events, all of which gives us the credentials as the GO-TO supplier for temporary mobile Tiered Bleacher Seating.

Unlike other conventional 'manually constructed' or bulkier/heavier boxed grandstands, our seating units are manufactured using lightweight aluminium structures, a key feature of which is the 'fold-up and go' design of the one man operated hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking bleachers. Our agile seating solution can be installed rapidly within just an hour, rather than a day or more that bulkier  seating systems require, with minimal RAMS. Whilst we install many annual scheduled events, we are experts at responding and handling the 'last minute/turn key' requirements that many of our clients throw at us.

Based on a simple brief of your requirements, we can calculate a budget that suits your production locations and if realistic we can visit your site to inspect the planned location. All PopUpArena systems and services are available for HIRE and also available are options for PURCHASE.

Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

To learn more about our work and credits within the outdoor event sector call Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751

Val Watley, Alresford Agricultural County Show

Having a PopUpArena bleacher grandstand seating at the Alresford Show helps to provide a great atmosphere generating a greater sense of occasion for the equine competitors in the Outer show ring.  It demonstrates that their competitions are every bit as important to Show day as the events in the Main show ring.  Spectators welcome the opportunity to be able to sit and watch the events, cheering on their favourites, rather than jostling for standing room at ringside.  For the competitors it provides and extra edge and a feeling of ‘occasion’ which spurs them on to give of their best.  So put simply, everyone wins – the spectators, the competitors and the Show.