Mobile Sports Arena System
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Corporate Photo Shoot

A great example of the diverse use of our bleacher event seating was for Nanopore Technologies based in Oxford setting up a nine tiered bleacher seating and stage system for their annual photo shoot for 250 staff..

As so often the challenge was the tricky access to the location within their office campus for the physical installation and then the limited window for the photo shoot to be completed within just 90 minutes. These are however exactly the challenges that PopUpArena thrive on deploying rapidly the unique resources and competencies we offer..

Operating a fleet capacity for 1000 bleacher seats, we can offer rapid installation and extraction, that will transform any grey or green space to create an arena area for most outdoor and indoor events.

For more  information on this event and the bleacher seating systems we operate, call Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399.