Mobile Sports Arena System
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Cranking Up The Varsity Experience

It has been striking to observe in recent years the growing ambition, and rightly so, of innovative Varsity event organisers seeking marginal improvements that can be made to the buzz, impact and experience at their own Varsity event for participants and more increasingly the spectators. 

Surely any one-upmanship over your local rivals for the overall Varsity spectator experience should offer equally as valuable bragging rights as that of any sporting achievements on the day. To be fair, a great experience is the minimum level of customer satisfaction we all desire at an event - right?

This is where we may can help you transform your Varsity event to another level for your spectators viewing. Our rapidly installed tiered seating system has successfully TRANSFORMED indoor university sports halls and outdoor pitch side spaces, CRANKING UP the atmosphere for those big varsity clashes, at universities such as Loughborough, Nottingham, Imperial College London, York and Bath. 

A buzzing atmosphere within an arena or setting makes all the difference to the experience for both the participants and the spectators. But how easy is it to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty space in just a matter of hours? 

We offer a simple temporary lightweight tiered bleacher seating solution that can be installed rapidly in just an hour or more, rather than days, and requiring minimal RAMS. We can rapidly install capacity from 30 to in excess of 1000 bleacher seats often into confined and less accessible spaces that larger traditional seating companies simply can't adapt to. The key feature to our rapid and uncomplicated approach is the 'fold-up and go' design of the lightweight hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking bleachers.

Our success within the university sporting landscape has ensured our re-appointment to the BUCS Big Wednesday sports event in 2019 as their official Event Seating Partner.

Based on a simple brief of your requirements, we can calculate a budget that suits your arena locations and if realistic we can visit your campus to inspect the venues. All PopUpArena systems and services are available for HIRE and also available are options for PURCHASE.

Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

Call either Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or Guy Bracewell on 07966 201751 for any further discussion.