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PopUpWicket with Batfast Cricket Simulation

Trying to bring through a new generation of cricketing stars has proven tricky in recent decades for many sports providers in community spaces as other more accessible sports have taken over, however, we were chuffed to team up with Batfast in 2017.

Since then BATFAST has accelerated with their innovative video cricket simulator which can bowl up to 100 deliveries an hour on the PopUpWicket performance surface supplied by PopUpArena, with speeds of up to 100mph - all controlled by an easy-to-use tablet.

Using softer balls, there's no need for protection - while using a tablet or phone to set the machine's speed and spin means there's no need for someone at the other end to feed the balls in.

For more information about our PopUpWicket, call Guy on 07966 201751 or for information Batfast, go to their website at