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Roses Varsity Festival Seating

Another successful 2019 Varsity season completed

Our Varsity season was crowned with an outstanding first in Roses Varsity history that opened the event with the women's netball team showcasing the sports arena with over 1000 seated spectators on our PopUpSeating system. 

Our congratulations to the University of York with an overall final score of 209 against Lancaster University on 143 at what was the biggest and best York University Student Union Varsity event to date. The PopUpArena production team were chuffed to play a big part of that success.

As in previous years at the University of York and at other Varsity events, our production team demonstrated how the PopUpArena bleacher seating system can rapidly transform an empty space into a temporary arena. After the opening event on the Friday evening, our crew undertook a rapid transition in 3 hours re-configuring the seating system to two smaller arenas within the sports hall for the Saturday schedule, with further seating installed outdoors to the main rugby pitch.

The following brief video offers a sense of the crowd magic that can happen for any type of sports event or indeed for music, culture or arts events.

For more information about our work across Varsity events and the PopUpSeating system, contact Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or email