Mobile Sports Arena System
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Transforming Spaces that make an IMPACT

Attention All Event Organisers

Our expertise is to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty space and transforming it to an arena to capture experiences and memories for participants and spectators at events across sport, festivals, shows, TV & film production and much more. The high standards of production we aspire to deliver means our PopUpArena system will make an IMPACT.

The type and style of PopUpArena you seek is entirely within your control to design, though our expert team will be on hand to guide you along the way with innovative yet pragmatic ideas configuring options from the Bleacher Seating, Arena Surfaces and Arena Perimeters we operate to achieve your end goal.

You may choose to follow orthodox dimensions or structures for a pitch, court, track, wicket or a seating configuration, or you can choose to design alternative formats relevant to your target audience, location, available space and access, either indoors or outdoors. 

Working with established partners we supply a broad range other arena facilities such as sub-floor, inflatables, staging, sound systems, floodlights, tents, marquees and toilets as well the usual range of balls, bats, nets, racquets, basketball hoops, football goals and much more..