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Varsity Season Kicks off

It's March which means only one thing for the PopUpArena team - the Varsity season is upon us. 

Feel the rush, Sing the chants. Celebrate the highs and get through the lows. Sit on the edge of your seat and watch through your fingers. Be a supporter. Feel the rush at the London Varsity Series

Another year, another London Varsity Series where our PopUpSeating mobile grandstands provides the pitch side seating indoors and outdoors where students from Kings and UCL generate the noise and match day magic that makes Varsity season a highlight of our event year.

With further up and coming Varsity events at Loughborough University, Nottingham University and University of York in March and April, our PopUpSeating is proving an invaluable part of the fabric for Cranking Up The Varsity Experience

For more information on how we can help improve the match day experience for your Varsity event, please contact Guy on 07966 201751