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PopUpArena ‘Ready to Go’

In a world socially and economically stopped in it's tracks by this viral pandemic, how many businesses will survive into 2021 and beyond? And how many people will be deeply affected, not just by the virus but by profound and far reaching changes to their lives? The impact of what is happening now and what is coming next cannot be overstated.

For communities and even whole populations that have grown accustomed to instant delivery of just about anything from anywhere, the immediate future is going to be very challenging. Now everyone from everywhere will need to think differently, do things differently and have different expectations.

Agility and Innovation

More than ever, people will need to stay mentally healthy, physically fit and motivated to thrive. And businesses will need to be agile and innovative to survive. Small businesses operating in the service sector have an edge here. Individually and collectively we can react and adapt much quicker than large or global businesses and despite the huge shock and disruption, we must not stare at the ground waiting for help from the government. Instead, we should take advantage of the imposed down time to reflect, refocus, remodel, even re-brand. Transitioning to the new normal is not going to be smooth.

Ready to go

At PopUpArena we are preparing for the moment when physical activity events and experiences can happen again, because we believe the surge in pent-up energy behind them could overwhelm any unprepared business.

To continue to help organisations whose mission is the well-being of people, we have invested in more of  our "space transforming" surfaces, portable event equipment and dedicated transport and logistics to deliver physical activity services. We are innovating with variations of our configurations to accommodate social distancing and already helping to plan rescheduled events for community activation's, high street and city transformations, brand experiences and film set props. And we are bringing forward development of a dramatic inflatable stadium with an internal 600 sqm activity space.

We are keen to collaborate and work with any complimentary businesses to add new dimensions to our offer such as hosted exercise and activity camps whenever they are given the green light. Business out there who could compliment our services, or we can enhance theirs, can reach out to us. Together, we could be better than ever.

Contact Mike Milne-Home on 07517 422399

Michael Milne-Home, Founder  and owner of PopUpArena says, "After 10 years building an impeccable reputation for delivering our unique transformational services, we are not about to be blow away by a virus. We are at war, we are mobilising, we will win and we will be better".

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