Mobile Sports Arena System
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PopUpSeating Installation at the Inter-Varsity Roses 2017

The Challenge

The brief for the inter-varsity Roses 2017 sports competition was to deliver multiple temporary seating configurations over three days of events within the York Sport Arena and also onto outside pitches. For the first day of events, 850 seats were required on three sides of the Sport Arena. For day 2 and 3, smaller re-configurations were required as the Arena was divided into two and some seating was relocated to other pitches.

Of significant importance was the protection of the arena floor from any impact during the installation, transition and extraction phases. The transition was scheduled after the close of evening events.

The Solution

Operating a fleet of mobile grandstands and sets of folding bleacher units, PopUpArena offers a simple and speedy seating solution delivering capacities of up to 1000 people for any indoor and outdoor event. PUA's unique lightweight system uses a combination of in-built hydraulic and hinged engineering that embodies the true spirit of PopUpSeating.

This solution ideally suited the York University brief.

Well in advance of the event and from a site visit, the relevant risk assessment and method statement was reviewed to assess and address the challenges of the processes required.

To meet the defined criteria, two mobile grandstands and twelve bleacher units were deployed to site the day prior to the event. Each mobile grandstand and the twelve bleacher units are towed by a 4x4 vehicle.

To allow precise positioning of the grandstands within the sports arena, the units are detached from the towing vehicle and attached to an electric tug with which one person can safely manoeuvre each grandstands into position.

To ensure that there was no impact to the sports hall floor, all the jacks and legs of the seating units are fitted with rubber cushions with a plywood base. 

With a crew of just four, installation of all seating units began at 10pm and was finished in two hours.


“I have to say, it is very hard to put into words the positive impact that PopUpArena had on our varsity event Roses 2017! As the largest inter-varsity sports competition in Europe, we endeavour to work with the best suppliers in order to achieve a fantastic weekend of both sport and events for the students... and believe me, Pop-Up Arena did not disappoint! 

The PopUpArena team provided a fantastic service, both prior to and on the day of our event. The PopUpSeating installation, mid-event transition and extraction were dealt with swiftly and the PopUpSeating units they provide are top quality for any type of event you are organising!”

George Morgan, Events Coordinator

The University of York Students Union (YUSU)