Mobile Sports Arena System
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multi-sport popuARENAS

IMPACT  The most impactive events are usually the most unexpected. Transforming a space into something different - a tennis arena in the Westfield atrium, a running track on the Millennium Bridge, 1000 tiered bleacher seats in an empty sports hall or public park...this is what we do. 

Impact is what you get ... suitable for sports, festivals. shows, exhibitions, TV and film production, and much more. Just ask us...


INNOVATION PopUpArena is an innovative system of interlocking equipment which can be configured in many different ways for many different events. The key to it all is the well designed professional grade kit - impressively simple or simply impressive.

RAPID PopUpArena offers rapid deployment - efficiently reducing setup and removal time to minutes or hours not days or weeks. So events are now more possible in more places more often.


For more information on how we can transform your space...  Contact Michael on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751




Instant Bleacher Seating