Mobile Sports Arena System
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Mexico City Marathon PopUpTrack Finish Line

Further international success for our PopUpTrack at the Mexcio City Telcel Marathon in August. The track was used as part of the marathon finish line where up to 30,000 participants completed. Where to next with your PopUpArena? 

We do like what your doing TRANSFORMING the streets of Mexico.

From the simple interlocking tiles, Many configurations can be achieved for multi sports on a PopUpPitch, PopUpCourt, PopUpTrack or PopUpWicket.

Contact Mike Milne Home 

Rapid Install of Mobile Grandstands at Notting Hill Carnival

As part of Red Bull's Music Festival in London at 2019's Notting Hill Carnival, for a third year running, PopUpArena were contracted to deliver and install our Event Seating temporary tiered grandstands as part of the structure around the Red Bull Sound Stage.

As street parties go, this event is an ideal example where our event seating system will outperform those larger more familiar major event seating contractors. Setting up at Emslie Horniman's Pleasance Park requires a quick turnaround in just a matter of hours with RAPID installation and extraction causing little impact to other contractors on site. 

With capacity for 250 spectators, our tiered bench seating is ideal for audiences that are not settling into one seat; the tiered benches allow free movement for spectators to come and go. Great for spectator events beyond festivals, such as around golf courses, hubs on cycling routes and a broad range of exhibition uses.

Urban Athletics Series PopUpTrack Launch

Further to our recent partnership with Touche Sport Marketing in the Netherlands and their subsequent purchase of our PopUpArena AS120 Multi Sport System we were chuffed to see it make its inaugural installation at the Urban Atheltics Series

For Athletics NL, 'these events hope to give athlete a real buzz, putting their sport on the map and shows the purity of our sport. Urban Athletics Series: athletics in the middle of the cities, from initiatives in Rotterdam and Apeldoorn to the Dutch Championships in the heart of Utrecht. With the result that we will join forces in 2019 and the Urban Athletics Series will be created'.

This first event was an Urban Hurdles track installed in cities across the Netherlands with ambitions to make the PopUpTrack famous further afield in Belgium and Germany. 

For more information about our work with Touche Sports Marketing and other international territories, contact Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399.

PopUpWicket with Batfast Cricket Simulation

Trying to bring through a new generation of cricketing stars has proven tricky in recent decades for many sports providers in community spaces as other more accessible sports have taken over, however, we were chuffed to team up with Batfast in 2017.

Since then BATFAST has accelerated with their innovative video cricket simulator which can bowl up to 100 deliveries an hour on the PopUpWicket performance surface supplied by PopUpArena, with speeds of up to 100mph - all controlled by an easy-to-use tablet.

Using softer balls, there's no need for protection - while using a tablet or phone to set the machine's speed and spin means there's no need for someone at the other end to feed the balls in.

For more information about our PopUpWicket, call Guy on 07966 201751 or for information Batfast, go to their website at

England Rugby -  Bristol Amphitheatre PopUpPitch

Wear The Rose Live in Bristol

In advance of next months rugby showcase major event in Japan - Rugby World Cup 2019, the Bristol Harbour Amphitheatre was TRANSFORMED into a 35m x 20m PopUpPitch installed using our unique artificial grass tiled performance surface.

For O2, England Rugby’s lead partner (or as they like to call it, their number one fan), their events are all about creating a BIG IMPACT  celebrating and rewarding the fans out there who support the England Rugby Men’s, Women’s and Saxons teams week in, week out. 

PopUpArena were approached and contracted by the Anna Savva Group to supply this unique PopUpPitch with an authentic artificial grass surface with significantly, unlike other temporary artificial grass surfaces, an integrated 18mm shock pad necessary for physical impact sports. 

This same PopUpPitch system has been installed at numerous fanzones at Twickenham, Wembley and Trafalgar Square for the RWC 2015 and then annually for the Premiership Rugby Final at Twickenham in the West car park since 2017. RWC Fanzones 2015

Other event stakeholders working on behalf of O2; M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment led the project  with Sledge, VCCP and Hope & Glory PR. 

Homeless World Cup PopUpPitches

PopUpArena were awarded the contract by Cardiff City Council to operate three practice pitches for the the 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup will taking place in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park, right at the heart of the Welsh capital.

More than 500 players representing over 50 countries will travel to Cardiff to attend the week-long festival of football, in what is to become one of the most inspiring Homeless World Cup tournaments yet.

With over 600sqm of PopUpPitch installed on a sub-floor on officially the hottest day on 2019, whilst the install process was not complicated, with such heat our usual rapid transformation was understandably a little slower than usual!

To find our more about the great work of the Homeless World Cup Foundation, follow this link - Homeless World Cup Foundation

England Netball creates the biggest netball open day ever

Our unique PopUpCourt system played it's part within this amazing achievement by England Netball as part of their Biggest Summer of Netball initiative.

Follow this link to the England Netball website to learn more about the great work their team are achieving from the success of the Netball World Cup.

England Netball Open Days

Netball World Cup Launch - Parliamentary PopUpCourt

This launch event took place within the iconic Victoria Tower Gardens adjacent to the Palace of Westminster , ahead of the opening Netball World Cup fixture in Liverpool. Parliamentary teams from the UK, New Zealand and Australia participated in a fun yet high impact event aired across many main stream media channels.

This is a great example where our PopUpArena event management crew can rapidly transform a public space in just a matter of hours from a green space into an Arena.

Working with fellow stakelholders, England Netball, DCMS and the Royal Parks, this event drew considerable public attention and a party atmosphere for a few hours. 

Installed in just three hours and extracted in one, 

For more information on this event and other like this, contact Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399

Wimbledon garden transformation

Not every domestic back garden naturally lends itself for installing temporary seating around an arena space such as a tennis court or swimming pool, however, that is where our versatile and compact tiered bleacher seating system that we operate kicks in.

Our brief was simple, supply rapidly 120 pop up seats for a prestigous two hour charity event that was promoting the values of tennis -  Nothing to challenging to our crew who are experts at landing popup seating set-ups across a broad range of destinations.


LTA future investment in tennis facilities

When plans were announced by the LTA for an event in New Palace Yard at the Houses of Parliament, hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP, there was, (perhaps), only one LTA contractor that could pull this off gig - PopUpArena.

Our past experience at the Houses of Parliament in 2016 for the announcement of the Paralympics team heading to Rio and our proven rapid methodology for landing an arena into such high security premises, made us a front runner to create the impact and spectacle that  all the stakeholders involved, and there were plenty of them, landing a PopUpCourt to make this high profile event happen.

Suffice to say, with an early start on the day to get all the components through rigorous security checks, a purpose built sub-floor constructed onto which the PopUpCourt would be laid and finally the required overlay and facilities in place, some 70 MPs enjoyed an afternoon of drop-in tennis.

Whilst landing any PopUpArena is entirely within our control, we are always prepared for those unexpected challenges, clearly far more acute at such a high profile destination. All on one day - black cabs blocking Parliament Square for four hours, approximately 10 different climate change protests and being on a Wednesday it had to be PMQ with maximum security! 

Hey we still managed to pull it off seamlessly.

For following link offers more information about the plans of the LTA for the Future Facilities Strategy 

Netherlands Playmakers Join the PopUpArena Family

The PopUpArena international family extended into the Netherlands in May as Mike Milne Home (CEO & Founder of PUA) welcomed the team from PlaymakersNL ( as a new international partnership to the PUA overseas network.

A simple start with a PopUpTrack system using our AS120 SuperSport System that will be used as a marketing and promotions tools at many Athletic events across the Netherlands.

With wish our new partners and friends every success and anticipate sharing your story here in the UK as your team transform the Netherlands sports event landscape.

Chatsworth Horse Trials Ringside PopUpSeating

Our unique event PopUpSeating is the most versatile solution suitable for so many different events and festivals here in the UK.

In the space of seven days we will have installed capacity from just 60 on set for a studio film shoot, 900 for a university Varsity fixture and 250 ringside for Chatsworth International Horse.

Each destination presents challenges for space, access and set-up, however, what makes PopUpArena and our seating solutions so popular, is that we are pretty much able to install almost anywhere with minimal impact upon on other existing infrastructure. Added to which our crew are have a can-do attitude and never fail to bring a smile to all those we work with.

Our seating systems are professionally designed with simplicity in their structure yet always have decent impact for any event. Installation is typically RAPID in just 30 minutes. 

PopUpArena Instant Seating from Richard Bolam on Vimeo

For more information call Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or email

Roses Varsity Festival Seating

Another successful 2019 Varsity season completed

Our Varsity season was crowned with an outstanding first in Roses Varsity history that opened the event with the women's netball team showcasing the sports arena with over 1000 seated spectators on our PopUpSeating system. 

Our congratulations to the University of York with an overall final score of 209 against Lancaster University on 143 at what was the biggest and best York University Student Union Varsity event to date. The PopUpArena production team were chuffed to play a big part of that success.

As in previous years at the University of York and at other Varsity events, our production team demonstrated how the PopUpArena bleacher seating system can rapidly transform an empty space into a temporary arena. After the opening event on the Friday evening, our crew undertook a rapid transition in 3 hours re-configuring the seating system to two smaller arenas within the sports hall for the Saturday schedule, with further seating installed outdoors to the main rugby pitch.

The following brief video offers a sense of the crowd magic that can happen for any type of sports event or indeed for music, culture or arts events.

For more information about our work across Varsity events and the PopUpSeating system, contact Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or email

Why Sports Conference 2019


We know physical activity and sport has a unique power to engage people, improve lives and bring communities closer. We know locally focused opportunities work to nurture young people and families, develop skills, break down social barriers and create a healthier community. We also know how tough it is to reach those people hidden by social, economic and geographic disadvantage. 

PopUpArena's ability to TRY ANYTHING TRANSFORM ANYWHERE means we can help reach deep into any community by transforming a space to try out creative new ways to engage. A temporary, colourful facility with dramatic impact and brand new opportunities for anyone.

PopUpArena 2019 from Michael Milne-Home on Vimeo.

TEN YEARS ON is a short video about our journey since we started in 2009 with a mission to take temporary sport facilities into places where none existed to help more people be more active.

We are delighted to be supporting the Creating Active Communities Conference at WHY Sports 2019.

Contact Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or by email:

Glasgow Life PopUpArena Legacy Lives On

The PopUpArena Legacy Lives On

In terms of any major sporting event legacy, it is what is left after the event is concluded that should have the biggest impact on any local community. We are very proud at PopUpArena that this has happened so successfully with the AS120 Super Sport Package we delivered at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Working in partnership with Glasgow Life, and through their funding, that investment still thrives five years later, with the PopUpArena system still making a big Impact across a broad range public events within the Glasgow area. 

Since our first funded project with Sport England in partnership with England Athletics and the Youth Sports Trust in 2009, our uplifting journey has continued with many mini arena style PopUpPitches, Courts and Tracks transforming hundreds of empty grey, green and brown spaces across UK cities and towns engaging local communities at both major sporting events through to local events.

Glasgow Life is a charity that delivers cultural, sporting and learning activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council. In doing so their aim is to make a positive impact on individuals, the communities in which they live and the city as a whole.

No other portable system adds the innovative levels of creativity, impact and engagement to the many brilliant local community projects that encourage people from disadvantaged backgrounds, of any age or ability, to participate in activity. Every PopUpArena is easy to transport, rapid to setup and endures the rigours of frequent installation and extraction across many destinations each year. 

For information about our Arena Ideas and work, to hire or purchase a PopUpArena system, contact Mike on 07517 422399 or at our Contact Page

Varsity Season Kicks off

It's March which means only one thing for the PopUpArena team - the Varsity season is upon us. 

Feel the rush, Sing the chants. Celebrate the highs and get through the lows. Sit on the edge of your seat and watch through your fingers. Be a supporter. Feel the rush at the London Varsity Series

Another year, another London Varsity Series where our PopUpSeating mobile grandstands provides the pitch side seating indoors and outdoors where students from Kings and UCL generate the noise and match day magic that makes Varsity season a highlight of our event year.

With further up and coming Varsity events at Loughborough University, Nottingham University and University of York in March and April, our PopUpSeating is proving an invaluable part of the fabric for Cranking Up The Varsity Experience

For more information on how we can help improve the match day experience for your Varsity event, please contact Guy on 07966 201751

Mexican Magic - Acapulco PopUpCourt Beach Style

A terrific start for our PopUpArena AS120 Super Sport System on its Mexican adventure..... sunset on Acupluco Beach for a game of touchtennis with tennis pro Alexander Zverev. 

Our impactful and innovative PopUpCourts featured as part of the PR Launch for the HSBC sponsored 2019 Abierto Mexicano Telcel (Mexican Tennis Open - February 2019) both on the beach and also at the Acupulco Tennis Arena fanzone at the Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial.

Working with our international partner Denovoc, we shared our PopUpArena values with their event team, who swiftly adopted our agile methodology for RAPID installation of their two AS120 arenas for a full on opening weekend of events. 

In true PopUpArena style and installing in just a matter of hours, the Denovoc event crew TRANSFORMED various grey, green and sandy spaces. Firstly a PopUpPitch for innovative multi sport activity, then on to the beach for a touchtennis PopUpCourt, then to a tarmac road where a PopUpTrack was installed as part of the finish line for the Acapuloco 10k Tennis Run and finally into the fanzone for spectator participation on several mini PopUpCourts for the duration of the Open Tennis.

We are delighted to be a part of the Denovoc journey in Mexico and we wish them every success with their own PopUpArena adventures and experiences, much as we have have enjoyed our ten years in business transforming the UK across hundreds of  temporary POPUPSPORTS event facilities.

To learn more about our work on this trip or other  opportunities in international territories call Mike on 07517 422399

PopUpCourt at Mexican Open Tennis

It’s 28c, at an altitude or 2250 metres and we’re at the beautiful Reforma Club in Mexico City (where Gordon Banks et al trained before the 1970 World Cup) for a pilot launch of the PopUpArena system.

PopUpArena operations begin in Acapulco at the 2019 Mexican Open Tennis (yes Nadal is playing!) where the PopUpCourt will be the focus within the spectator fanzone. The PopUpArena system (PopUpCourt & Bleacher Seating) then relocates to one of the universities in Mexico City for the student open days....

The PopUpArena team are chuffed to bits to broaden our international experience working with our territory partner in Mexico City, sports agency We are on the ground assisting their event management operation develop their own rapid install methodology and best practices based around those we use here in the UK.

To learn more about opportunities within international territories call Mike on 07517 422399

All Terrain PopUpBleacher Seating

Over ten years working within the outdoor event sector advising event organisers on the potential challenges and pitfalls of installing temporary seat structures in such DIVERSE places as a Thames barge, a Hotel roof garden, Buckingham Palace forecourt, the Yorkshire Moors, the US Embassy and on Branscombe beach, these more extreme destinations, along with more realistic destinations are the creative pop up seating challenges that PopUpArena thrive upon.

Whether you seek an arena for 1000 bleacher seats, or perhaps a small-scale break out area around a stage or arena, our unique ALL TERRAIN tiered bleacher seating system will operate across green and grey terrains within city centres, urban spaces and country parks. At destinations for equestrian events, music festivals, county shows, air shows, sports events, military tattoos and cultural events, all of which gives us the credentials as the GO-TO supplier for temporary mobile Tiered Bleacher Seating.

Unlike other conventional 'manually constructed' or bulkier/heavier boxed grandstands, our seating units are manufactured using lightweight aluminium structures, a key feature of which is the 'fold-up and go' design of the one man operated hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking bleachers. Our agile seating solution can be installed rapidly within just an hour, rather than a day or more that bulkier  seating systems require, with minimal RAMS. Whilst we install many annual scheduled events, we are experts at responding and handling the 'last minute/turn key' requirements that many of our clients throw at us.

Based on a simple brief of your requirements, we can calculate a budget that suits your production locations and if realistic we can visit your site to inspect the planned location. All PopUpArena systems and services are available for HIRE and also available are options for PURCHASE.

Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

To learn more about our work and credits within the outdoor event sector call Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751

Val Watley, Alresford Agricultural County Show

Having a PopUpArena bleacher grandstand seating at the Alresford Show helps to provide a great atmosphere generating a greater sense of occasion for the equine competitors in the Outer show ring.  It demonstrates that their competitions are every bit as important to Show day as the events in the Main show ring.  Spectators welcome the opportunity to be able to sit and watch the events, cheering on their favourites, rather than jostling for standing room at ringside.  For the competitors it provides and extra edge and a feeling of ‘occasion’ which spurs them on to give of their best.  So put simply, everyone wins – the spectators, the competitors and the Show.

PopUp & Running

PopUp Definition
Appears or occurs suddenly for a limited period of time and smaller in scale

Arena Definition
A level area surrounded by seating, in which sports, entertainments, and other public events are held

For over 10 years, our unique PopUpArena event solutions have TRANSFORMED hundreds of public indoor and outdoor spaces across UK cities, urban spaces and country parks. We rightly pride ourselves on the INNOVATIVE Arenas we configure, scale-down and install when partnering with progressive, agile and like minded event agencies and event organisers that seek ideas and solutions for sporting themed activations and activities that make an IMPACT

In the true spirit of any PopUp structure, core to our design methodolody is the event execution of RAPID processes and practices. As many of the Arena components are fabricated and assembled off site, we can then operate a stylised mode of Arena production on site in hours rather than days.  Our planning and preparation is thorough drawn from many years of experience from within the PopUpArena team, ensuring the highest production values are achieved for the client and their event outcomes.

With 2019 offering many prominent major sports events here in the UK and abroad, we are ready and waiting to talk production teams about their briefs and ideas for development. We can offer many Arena Ideas from past experience constructing from our kit a PopUpPitch, PopUpCourt, PopUpTrack & PopUpWicket along with Arena Perimeters and Tiered Bleacher Seating.

Sporting Events in 2019 already on the PopUpArena calendar include;

  • British Universities & College Varsity Season - March to April  (Bleacher Seating)
  • Federation International Hockey Pro League - April 27th to 23rd June     (PopUpPitch and Tiered Bleacher Seating)
  • ICC Cricket World Cup - 30th May to 14th July      (PopUpWicket)
  • International Horse Trials Season - May to October   (Tiered Bleacher Seating)
  • Wimbledon Tennis - 1st July to 14th July    (PopUpCourt)
  • IronMan Series UK - July to September   (Tiered Bleacher Seating)
  • Netball World Cup - 12th July to 21st July     (PopUpCourt)
  • Athletics Anniversary Games - 20th to 21st July    (PopUpTrack)
  • Ashes Cricket series - 1st August and 16th September   (PopUpWicket)
  • Ride London-Surrey - 3rd August to 4th August   (Tiered Bleacher Seating)
  • Rugby World Cup - 20th September to 2nd November  (PopUpPitch - Artificial Grass)

All we require to set the wheels in motion for a discussion is information on the type of event being planned, the physical location, any dates and duration, the type and scale of Arena required and idea on budget that is available to be spent.

To learn more about our work and credits with Event Agencies and Organisers call either Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751

Bottoms Down, Heads Up and ‘ACTION’

On-set or Off-set Versatile Bleacher Seating

For over ten years, PopUpArena has worked within the Creative Industry sector as a one stop Prop shop supplying our unique tiered mobile bleacher seating to production teams for TV & Film, Advertising, Live Events, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Sports Promotion, Adverts, Photo Shoots, Conferences & Events. At either end of the Production Buyers lens, our bleacher tiered seating functions as an  'On set' Prop or as an 'Off-set' breakout rest space for cast and crew alike.

At the core of our service and seating systems is our no-nonsense approach to working with our customers, helping them select the appropriate seating system and it's configuration for their production location (indoor & outdoor), delivery to site with minimal fuss to any production schedule and our rapid install methodology making the whole process as simple and safe as possible.

We offer an agile operation that can rapidly install capacity from 30 to 1000 bleacher seat capacity, often into confined and less accessible spaces. The key feature to our rapid and uncomplicated approach is the 'fold-up and go' design of the lightweight hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking tiered bleachers. Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

Selected credits include;

 Adidas Community FootieLive Event Trinity Wharf, London 
 Happy Days FestivalMusic Festival Imber Court, Esher 
 Nature Valley / Battle of the SexesAdvert Westfield Shopping Centre, 
 Kung Fu PandaFilm Production School Sports Field, Liverpool 
 Canterbury Clothing / Bath Rugby Club      Advert / Live Event     Bath City Centre Market Square
 BBC Sport ReliefLive Event Copper Box, Olympic Park
 Nottinghill CarnivalLive Event Red Bull Sound Stage 
 Clash of the KingsTV Production Crompton Moor, Peak District
 Hunter KillerFilm Production Swimming Pool, Surrey 
 Paris Fashion ShowLive Event Hotel, Central Paris 
 Episode Television SeriesTV Production Hatrick Productions
 RAF Centenary Fly PastLive Event Buckingham Palace 
 President Trumps London ArrivalPhoto Shoot US Embassy Lawn, Regents Park 
 Young & RubicanCompany PhotoReception, London Head Office 
 Lacrosse World Cup 2018Live EventSurrey Sports Park 

Based on a simple brief of your requirements, we can calculate a budget that suits your production locations and if realistic we can visit your site to inspect the planned location. All PopUpArena systems and services are available for HIRE and also available are options for PURCHASE.

Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

To learn more about our work and credits within the TV & Film sector call Mike on 07517 422399 or Guy on 07966 201751

Cranking Up The Varsity Experience

It has been striking to observe in recent years the growing ambition, and rightly so, of innovative Varsity event organisers seeking marginal improvements that can be made to the buzz, impact and experience at their own Varsity event for participants and more increasingly the spectators. 

Surely any one-upmanship over your local rivals for the overall Varsity spectator experience should offer equally as valuable bragging rights as that of any sporting achievements on the day. To be fair, a great experience is the minimum level of customer satisfaction we all desire at an event - right?

This is where we may can help you transform your Varsity event to another level for your spectators viewing. Our rapidly installed tiered seating system has successfully TRANSFORMED indoor university sports halls and outdoor pitch side spaces, CRANKING UP the atmosphere for those big varsity clashes, at universities such as Loughborough, Nottingham, Imperial College London, York and Bath. 

A buzzing atmosphere within an arena or setting makes all the difference to the experience for both the participants and the spectators. But how easy is it to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty space in just a matter of hours? 

We offer a simple temporary lightweight tiered bleacher seating solution that can be installed rapidly in just an hour or more, rather than days, and requiring minimal RAMS. We can rapidly install capacity from 30 to in excess of 1000 bleacher seats often into confined and less accessible spaces that larger traditional seating companies simply can't adapt to. The key feature to our rapid and uncomplicated approach is the 'fold-up and go' design of the lightweight hydraulic grandstand and the flat pack interlocking bleachers.

Our success within the university sporting landscape has ensured our re-appointment to the BUCS Big Wednesday sports event in 2019 as their official Event Seating Partner.

Based on a simple brief of your requirements, we can calculate a budget that suits your arena locations and if realistic we can visit your campus to inspect the venues. All PopUpArena systems and services are available for HIRE and also available are options for PURCHASE.

Technical dimensions, seating brochures, video, event images and endorsements are all available at Bleacher Seating System 

Call either Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399 or Guy Bracewell on 07966 201751 for any further discussion.

BUCS Big Wednesday 2019 - Event Seating Partner

PopUpArena will once again be the official Event Seating Partner for the BUCS Big Wednesday in 2019 (British Universities and Colleges Sports). This appointment is the perfect acknowledgement reflecting how our mobile bleacher seating system has successfully operated across a growing number of university Varsity events, such as at universities in Nottingham, Loughborough, York and Bath.

At BUCS 2019 we anticipate rapidly installing from our fleet a capacity in excess of 1000 spectators for both indoor court side and outdoor pitch side fixtures. A key feature of our event seating system and service is that this all occurs on the same day prior to the event starting and then extracted the same day immediately after the event closes in a matter of just a few hours.

This event is the culmination of many team sport leagues from across many UK university teams competing for Championship and Trophy titles. PopUpArena are chuffed to bits to be a part of it.

If you need more information on our Bleacher Seating Systems or contact Guy Bracewell on 07966201751.

Corporate Photo Shoot

A great example of the diverse use of our bleacher event seating was for Nanopore Technologies based in Oxford setting up a nine tiered bleacher seating and stage system for their annual photo shoot for 250 staff..

As so often the challenge was the tricky access to the location within their office campus for the physical installation and then the limited window for the photo shoot to be completed within just 90 minutes. These are however exactly the challenges that PopUpArena thrive on deploying rapidly the unique resources and competencies we offer..

Operating a fleet capacity for 1000 bleacher seats, we can offer rapid installation and extraction, that will transform any grey or green space to create an arena area for most outdoor and indoor events.

For more  information on this event and the bleacher seating systems we operate, call Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399.

Transforming Spaces that make an IMPACT

Attention All Event Organisers

Our expertise is to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty space and transforming it to an arena to capture experiences and memories for participants and spectators at events across sport, festivals, shows, TV & film production and much more. The high standards of production we aspire to deliver means our PopUpArena system will make an IMPACT.

The type and style of PopUpArena you seek is entirely within your control to design, though our expert team will be on hand to guide you along the way with innovative yet pragmatic ideas configuring options from the Bleacher Seating, Arena Surfaces and Arena Perimeters we operate to achieve your end goal.

You may choose to follow orthodox dimensions or structures for a pitch, court, track, wicket or a seating configuration, or you can choose to design alternative formats relevant to your target audience, location, available space and access, either indoors or outdoors. 

Working with established partners we supply a broad range other arena facilities such as sub-floor, inflatables, staging, sound systems, floodlights, tents, marquees and toilets as well the usual range of balls, bats, nets, racquets, basketball hoops, football goals and much more..

PopUpArena - Fit for Security and Safety

2018 turned out to be a year where PopUpArena has operated to new levels of security at Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Commons in Westminster and most recently the US Ambassadors House in central London. 

Installations included parliamentary PopupCourts for tennis, mobile grandstand seating for VIPs at the RAF Fly Past down the Mall and lastly for the arrival by helicopter of President Trump in the private grounds within Regents Park.

Our business credentials, practices, people and processes all came under serious scrutiny both in advance of these event and even more so across the live events.

No royal appointment as yet, but three very satisfied clients.

WeWork Summer Camp

Great to be a parts of the WeWork global community for a second year at the WeWork Summer Camp 2019.

Operating as one of the various sports facility partners, we installed a mini basketball PopUpCourt within the sports zone for use over two days competition and fun break out sessions.

For more information contact Guy Bracewell on 07966 201751

PopUpPitch Artificial Grass Transforms Twickenham West Car Park Again

Repeating the same set-up as in 2017, our 30 mtr x 20 mtrs artificial grass PopUpPitch was centre stage within the West Car Park experiential zone at the Premiership Rugby 2018 Final at Twickenham. Installed on the Friday afternoon over three hours, the extraction window was just 60 minutes from arrival to de-rig the PopUpPitch, load and depart the ground before the rugby match ended. 

With assistance from the excellent crew from Event360, this was yet another great demonstration of how PopUpArena can TRANSFORM grey spaces rapidly into an innovative and memorable experiential zone with massive impact for 1000's of spectators and participants.

For more information contact Guy on 07966 201751. To access the technical spec for our Artificial Grass, follow this link PopUpPitch Artificial Grass

Bleacher Seating for Euro Hockey Club Cup

Surbiton Hockey Club are hosting the EuroHockey Club Cup, Women from 17-20 May 2018 on behalf of the European Hockey Federation. Surbiton Hockey Club

PopUpArena have a long established partnership with Surbiton Hockey Club as their seating partner for events and this will be the largest undertaking in the club’s 144-year history for which we are chuffed to be a part of.

Bleacher seating capacity for 1000 spectators has been deployed using a combination of grandstands and smaller bleacher team stands. What makes our installation approach so appealing to Surbition is that we will configure our seating units to fit in around the existing pitch side structures and obstacles. This is a great example of how PopUpArena can meet challenges installing seating into confined spaces with limited access and tight timescales.

For information call Mike on 07517 422399


PopUpArena are incredibly pleased to have been appointed to supply seating to the RAF as part of their centre piece event, the RAF100 parade and flypast, at Buckingham Palace. 

Key to the success of our appointment was our RAPID install and in particular extract process causing minimal disruption to security within the grounds Buckingham Palace.  In simple terms, there was no other event seating supplier able to undertake this task.

More to follow post event.

Court Transformation at West Hants Tennis Centre

This prestigious LTA event in Bournemouth to celebrate 50 years since the first tournament of the open tennis era is a great example of how PopUpArena event seating will transform in just a matter of hours a large indoor sports centre into an enclosed  temporary bespoke arena. The rapid install and extract of six seating units (capacity 180 spectators) happened in just a couple of hours with a minimal amount of disruption to the ongoing operations.of the tennis centre.

Tim Henman took part in the LTA’s celebrations alongside players from the first Open Era tournament in 1968, including Sue Mappin, Frances McLennan, John Paish and Mark Cox, with exhibition matches featuring John Feaver, Miles Maclagan, Rob Booth and future stars of British Tennis.

Biggest Day of Sport at Bath University

Following on from the event seating partnership we had for the BUCS Big Wednesday and the noticeable impact our seating had for their event, we were really pleased to get the nod from Bath University to re-create a similar buzzing arena atmosphere for their varsity event against Cardiff Met.

Rapid installation of 180 seats into their sports hall in just one hour from  08:30 and extraction in 45 mins at 17:00. 

That simple and that quick but with a big impact and improved spectator and participant experience.

Imperial VarsityFest 2018

VarsityFest is that time of year where the Imperial Medics compete against Imperial College across 11 sports for the 16th year. 

For 2018 the VarsiytFest sports partnership team took the bold step to up scale the spectator experience by installing temporary tiered pitch side seating supplied by PopUpArena.  Two mobile PUA125 grandstands were installed at two separate event sites over two separate days offering well over 1000 spectators unprecedented views for the Varsity Hockey and other Fest activities.

Feedback from the VarsityFest organising committee;

Firstly we wanted to say thank you for supporting our event, we appreciate there has been a lot of messing around so to get the mobile grandstands turned around in a week was very much appreciated on our part. (editors note - the extreme weather and snow led to uncertainty and therefore plans being re-arranged for the event schedule) 

The grandstands were an absolute success and we will definitely be looking to use you again in the future for our events, it worked really well and gave us much more space for the spectators and looked really effective on the day so we will be in touch for future university events.

We wish you well with the contract for the BUCS Big Wednesday, and as we work very closely with the BUCS staff and we have recommended your services over the weekend to the event management team.

For more information on our involvement with this event or about our temporary tiered event seating, please call Mike Milne Home on 07517 422399

PopUpArena Tiered Seating Partnership at BUCS Big Wednesday 2018

Portable Tiered Seating with Atmosphere

A buzzing atmosphere within a sports arena makes all the difference to the experience for both the players and the spectators. But how easy is it to engineer that sense of crowd magic when you are starting with an empty sports hall or an outdoor sports pitch?

At one of the highest spectated university sport events in 2018, the BUCS Big Wednesday offers an ideal platform to showcase our unique fleet of PopUpArena portable tiered seating for use indoors and outdoors across any campus.

For one day at the BUCS Big Wednesday, our mobile event seating will in rapid time, transform and enhance the indoor state-of-the-art David Ross Sports Village into multiple arena courts for Volleyball, Netball and Badmington, that boost any lively student crowd to another level of engagement. The success for any event is the connection and interaction within the arena between the spectators and the players, the closer that is, the better the atmosphere.

Through our innovative thinking, yet pragmatic planning for the rapid installation of portable tiered seating, we experienced first hand the transformation of the Sports Hall at York University into a thundering cauldron for their opening Friday night Roses basketball fixture.  Making this happen can be challenging, however, we are the experts in the UK for installing uniquely portable, rapidly installed, tiered seating solutions with minimal RAMS.

Feedback from the Roses Organanising Committee;  “It is very hard to put into words the positive impact that PopUpArena had on our varsity event Roses 2017! As the largest inter-varsity sports competition in Europe, we endeavour to work with the best suppliers in order to achieve a fantastic weekend of both sport and events for the students... and PopUpArena did not disappoint! PopUpArena provided a fantastic service, both prior to and on the day of our event. The portable seating systems installation, mid-event transition and extraction were dealt with swiftly and the PopUpSeating units they provide are top quality for any type of event you are organising!”

At the BUCS Big Wednesday event, we will have both our PUA125 mobile grandstand and our PUA30 event seating bleachers in operation, for both indoor and outdoor use, and we will be on site to meet any university representatives interested to discuss our services. 

All the units we operate here in the UK are available for event hire or to be purchased. 

In the right hand box above are downloads for both these units and also a short video that demonstrates the one man operation to install a mobile grandstand.

To contact us on the day or in advance;

Mike Milne-Home - 07517 422399

Guy Bracewell - 07966 201751

Recent PopUpArena Transformations............................

They came, they saw, they camped and played basketball

The WeWork 2017 Summer Camp offered the opportunity for their global community office space users an awesome weekend of activities, for the first time in the UK. From crafting to sporting and dancing to chilling, it's just one big festival-esque getaway in the great outdoors of Eridge Park, Tunbridge Wells, designed simply for fun. The 2018 festival is already in planning and PopUpArena are submitting ideas.

For the 2017 festival we installed two large PopUpCourts in the middle of a field, approximately 600 sqm of performance surface on to a solid sub floor stage. The primary sport to be played was a basketball tournament over the three days, so clearly a decent basketball bounce was critical.

For 2018, the set-up may well remain the same format,however, any PopUpArena design and installation is inherently versatile to be a multi-sport surface which can be transformed during an event from a PopUpCourt, to a PopUpTrack to a PopUpPitch.  

For more information on this event and any other requirements, contact Guy on 07966 201751

Westfield London Transformed into a PopUpCourt

Shepherd’s Bush might not have the Wimbledon grandeur of SW19, however, the PopUpArena team rose to the challenge for the one day transformation of the main atrium in the Westfield Shopping Centre into a full sized PopUpCourt for an exhibition match between British ladies No.1 Johanna Konta and Aussie legend, ex Wimbledon champion Pat Cash.

Organised to celebrate the launch of new film, the ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ which is based on the famous 1973 game between women’s legend Billie Jean King and a former world number one, male player Bobby Riggs, PopUpArena were commissioned by Space Agency and Nature Valley to design and install the mobile PopUpCourt arena to meet their own high production values.

PopUpArena worked closely with the event team at Westfield London on the design and installation of a 550 sqm PopUpArena system with an integrated perimeter and overhead netting. Obviously in such a public space with high footfall, a major priority was the security and public safety of those spectating and passing by.

The event proved a major success for all stakeholders involved with a high PR impact across all media.

Bleacher Seating for Ironman Finish

Another enjoyable year working with the excellent team at Ironman came to a close in September and we are now looking forward to preparing for the 2018 events in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

The very tight finish line in Tenby on the seafront promenade required a snug installation for ten Bleacher Seating units - approx 300 spectator capacity. .

Fan Engagement PopUpTrack

Fans to the IAAF 2017 Marathon Start/Finish line got the chance to test their own track skills on a 30m PopUpTrack in the shadown of the iconic Tower Bridge.

Such a simple fan engagement solution, the pop up 'Track in a Box' system can be installed in two hours in pretty much any location with minimal RAMS.

For more information, call Guy on 07966 201751.

beat the bolt popuptrack

Perhaps the biggest global sporting event in 2017 was the IAAF World Championships at the Olympic Park.

PopUpArena were chuffed to bits to be briefed and appointed to the sporting brand Asics, through their agency Ear to the Ground, to be part of the design and install for an interactive fan engagement zone within the Hero Village.

In addition to installing our 'Beat the Bolt' timed sprint track system (aka Track in a Box) we also contributed to a long jump and high jump zone, all part of the experience to show case the Asics brand.

For more information on how this system might operate for your own use, contact Mike on 07517 422399. 

Spectator Community Hub for Prudential Ride 100

PopUpArena were pleased to supply our services and event seating for the 2017 Prudential Ride 100 to support a local cause.

We were asked to create a simple concept and install a configuration of mobile grandstand seating within which spectators came and went to temporarily form their own PopUp spectator hub whilst waiting to support passing for cyclists. 

Our mobile grandstands (125 capacity per unit) and bleacher seating (30 capacity per unit) can be configured for a capacity for 1000 spectators on most surfaces,  both indoor and outdoor, in public spaces such as town centres, sports halls, playing fields, school play grounds, county shows and music festivals. We are always open to a new challenge!

Hilton Hotel Ball Room Transformation

The Hilton Hotel Bankside came to PopUpArena with the challenge to create a sports themed arena within their ball room. A terrific interior space which they wanted to promote and utilise for broader use within the local business community. 

For an evening, we worked closely with the hotel PR and events team to transform the ball room into a sports hall with two PopUpCourts installed for a mini tennis tournament as the main focus.  

With the ball room on the lower ground floor and with limited service lift access via the kitchens, this did present logistical challenges for the PopUpArena crew, however never a team to say to walk away from a challenge, the install and extract happened through the dinner service without conflict!

The event attracted 300 local business people that allowed the hotel to showcase their facilities and services.



Microscooter PopUpTrack Tour

PopUpArena were appointed by agency Kru Live and Microscooter to design a PopUpTrack system that showcased the Microscooter range of products. The PopUpTrack required a compromise for simplicity to store and transport on the road but then once installed had a high production impact for user experience at a range of venues from public parks, seaside promenades and indoors.

 Working with the excellent ambassador team at Kru Live, the PopUpTrack toured to a number of UK festivals over the summer months.

PopUpPitch Artificial Grass a HIT at Twickers

Collaborating with our partner Global Games, the west car park got a one day innovative make over for the Aviva Premiership Final.

The familiar inflatable rugby surround used at rugby and football matches just got a whole lot better with our interlocking artificial grass surface for fans to play on. Feedback from the community and partnerships team at Premier Rugby expressed how thrilled they were with how their rugby programmes were showcased to a new level of fan engagement on the day.

Speedy & Versatile PopUpSeating Hire is a Winner at Varsity Games

Over three days of events and with multiple seating re-configurations, our PopUpSeating system provided well over 1000 spectator seats at the 21st Century War of the Roses in the ultimate inter-varsity showdown between York University and Lancaster University. 

“I have to say, it is very hard to put into words the positive impact that Pop-Up Arena had on our varsity event Roses 2017! As the largest inter-varsity sports competition in Europe, we endeavour to work with the best suppliers in order to achieve a fantastic weekend of both sport and events for the students... and believe me, Pop-Up Arena did not disappoint! Pop-Up Arena provided a fantastic service, both prior to and on the day of our event. The PopUpSeating  installation, mid-event transition and extraction were dealt with swiftly and the PopUpSeating units they provide are top quality for any type of event you are organising!”

George Morgan, Events Coordinator

The University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

To find out more about the challenge and solution PopUpArena delivered to the YUSU event organising team, please read a full case study in the ‘What We Do’ section of this website.

PopUpCourt System for the Babolat touchtennis Masters Finals 2016

The best touchtennis players in the world battled it out last weekend for the Babolat Masters 2016 final with the machine Simon Roberts winning through to be champion.

The PopUpArena team transformed the ‘People for Places’ Tolworth Recreational Centre into a touchtennis tournament hub for two days with a main ‘Centre’ PopUpCourt, a further three outer PopUpCourts for competitive matches and a fifth PopUpCourt specifically for spectator participation.

This event required over 350sqm of our multi-sport performance surface installed over six hours through Friday evening and Saturday morning and then extracted within just three hours on Sunday evening. 

A genuinely rapid process that only a PopUpArena mobile system and our event services team will achieve. Contact Guy on 07966 201751 for more information.

For more information on how to become involved in touchtennis – contact Rashid Ahmed at or

Trumans Brewery transformation into a one day PopUpTrack

With support from Nike, an epic night of 200 runners racing on a purpose built PopUpTrack against each other and the clock through a warehouse and car park to a soundtrack laid down by DJ Mr Trouble.

The PopUpTrack was set up within and around the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane for which there was well over  1200 sqm of performance surface required. Not just your average running track, but an ambitious and specifically designed 200m track with multiple right and left hand corners both inside the warehouse and outside in the car park. This was a complex project that the PopUpArena event design team spent several weeks developing and testing to deal with the variations of the floor space and access to the site.

Working with agency Limelight and Cory Walton-Hamilton (the man behind Track Mafia), the evening was based around 600m fall out races, with 20 teams of 6 people facing each other in heats of 2 teams. Everyone starts, then after the first 200m the first 2 drop out, after 400m the other 2 drop out and it’s up to the last 2 to make the final 200m…not easy to understand at first but the Track Mafia and Nike Pacers teams showed how it was done.

This was another exceptional PopUpArena success. In 24 hours, we transformed a grey urban space into a unique PopUp sporting experience and by the next day, all back to normal.

BATH RUGBY 2016/17 SHIRT LAUNCH - ‘Be Something Greater’ PopUpPitch

In just two hours PopUpArena transformed a flagstone square in Bath city centre into an awesome mini rugby PopUpPitch for the Premiership club's shirt launch 'Be Something Greater' campaign, and was received well by event agencies and production alike.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the PopUpArena team for your hard work on Wednesday. The surface was absolutely perfect for the event and we were genuinely impressed by how it looked and performed as well as how quickly you put it down. Huge thanks too for organising it at such short notice."

Marco Barcella, Go-Film

"We are really pleased with the footage captured! The final video is going down brilliantly on social media...the shot with the players laying the turf was one of the best for me!"

Emily Mayor, Canterbury of New Zealand

Iron Man renew Mobile Grandstand PopUpSeating Contract for 2017

Sam Brawn, Race Director & Event Manager, Ironman Series

‘The mobile grandstands operated across the UK at our IRONMAN events, supplied by PopUpArena, provide a simple no nonsense seating solution but with a big impact to the overall spectator experience.   The pre-event RAMS, delivery, installation and extraction are diligently managed by PopUpArena crew working seamlessly into our own tight event schedules, with great efficiency and helpful team work’

Guy Bracewell, PopUpArena Director says ‘our mobile PopUpSeating system has proved once again across a broad range of events in 2016 to be an ideal, practical and simple seating solution for smaller popup events in public spaces.  Sites in 2016 included; town centres, leisure complex, university campus, unusual TV advert (the Pennines) and fashion shoot locations (Paris, London,....), equestrian show, outdoor festival, community and school sports events and many more.  For 2017 we can offer temporary bench seating options from for 30 to 1000 installed from just 30 minutes with minimal RAMS required, ideal as 'last minute' seating into confined and less accessible areas.   Contact Guy on 07966 201751

Event PopUpSeating Versatility

PopUpArena expanded our seating capacity in March this year with a new 360 seat service all delivered on the back of flat bed trailer and towed by a 4x4. Twelve 30 seat units offer a versatility to install PopUpSeating configurations at short notice into areas and onto surfaces not suitable for more structured seating solutions. With minimal RAMS required, easy set-up and competitive pricing, this 360 PopUpSeating service offers a genuine 'last minute turn key' seating solution.

Events already booked in 2016 include for example; Table Tennis Championships at Nottingham University, Lacrosse Home Internationals at Surrey Sports Park, Liverpool University Varsity Fixtures, Iron Man Series around the UK, Prudential Ride London, Blenheim Palace Horse Trials, School Sports Day seating, County Shows and Kempton Park Boxing Day races and many more for TV Production, Fashion Shows and Film Shoots.

For more information on all our PopUpSeating solutions - call Guy Bracewell on 07966 201751

Netball Anywhere on a PopUpCourt

England Netball are the latest NGB to invest in a PopUpCourt to enhance the delivery of their own Netball Anywhere community project.

The PopUpCourt system is a mini court ideal for going out into the community within town centres, into schools and sports clubs. The 15m x 8m court is stored and transported in a branded England Netball box trailer and operated by two community activators. 

Guy Bracewell at PopUpArena says 'Such a simple solution with a big punch. Ideal for the longer term promotion of the sport in the build up to Netball World Cup in 2019 and in the short term driving engagement and participation to grow the sport'. 



Tennis on Your Terms Community Programme

The Tennis Foundation is supporting the development of tennis in under-resourced communities to give people of all ages and abilities an opportunity to participate and enjoy tennis.

In 2015 the Tennis Foundation approached PopUpArena to specifically design a portable PopUpCourt system that can be configured to meet the differing demands and scale for community venues around the UK. 

From January 2016, PopUpArena will work with various regional Community Sports Partners to manage and deliver over 50 PopUpCourt systems into community centres around the country. 

The Tennis Foundation's aim is to provide opportunities to encourage people to both play and enjoy tennis, as well as to maximise their personal potential through the sport. We’re doing this by engaging all parts of the community, recognising diversity and promoting inclusion.

PopUpArena Director, Guy Bracewell says ‘this is a great example of how our PopUpArena mobile systems can make a real difference for local communities to become more active and to encourage individuals find their potential’. 

RWC Fanzone PopUpPitch proved ‘Fit for Purpose’

In the lead up to the RWC 2015 tournament, our new artificial PopUpPitch developed specifically for rugby proved absolutely fit for purpose. 

The interlocking PopUpPitch surface is both a realistic and robust rugby surface that was used within the RFU Kicking Simulator as part of the RWC Trophy Tour and also at host venue  and official ‘England 2015’ Fanzones. 

Over consecutive weekends a PopUpPitch system was installed at Wembley as part of their match day Fanzone pitch and also as a temporary rugby zone in Trafalgar Square for the final two weeks of the tournament.

With over 14 days back to back activity and in excess of  100 hours of heavy use, the PopUpPitch artificial grass surface remained stable and firm under foot against ever changing weather conditions and one can only speculate the tens of 1000’s of participants tumbles, side steps, tackles, dives and lasting memories of having FUN.

Whilst our PopUpPitches contributed only a small part within what was a magnificent event, we are very proud to have played our part within another Major International Event, along with our contribution at the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.

LTA PopUpTennis 2015 Tour

Over the summer of 2015, PopUpArena operated on behalf of the LTA over forty PopUpTennis Tour events into City Centres, Community Spaces & Festivals around the UK.

The PopUpArena event crew delivered, installed and managed a variety of mini PopUpCourts to suit all ages and abilities with in excess of 10,000 participants picking up a racquet and ball to ‘try-out’ tennis, often for the first time.

At each event, a local tennis club attended with their own professional and volunteer coaches to provide on-court taster sessions and to ‘sign post’ new participants back to their local club.

The schedule and location for many of the events were purposefully chosen in the lead up, and to promote, LTA major championship tennis events at Wimbledon, Roehampton, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol as well as driving participation into LTA tennis programmes such as Tennis Tuesday, the Great British Tennis Weekend and Highland Spring Mini Tennis.

The physical PopUpCourts never fail to generate a visual impact within any location, they provide great mediagenic content for use in either personal or business social media channels and most importantly give a user a genuinely memorable experience.

PopUpArena launches Club Grandstand Seating scheme in association with England Hockey

Hello to all Hockey Clubs looking for new ways to improve the matchday experience for both players and supporters alike.

Here's one idea - a Mobile Grandstand for 125 spectators?

PopUpArena, in association with England Hockey, are pleased to offer your club an exclusive new "sharing scheme" to help make it possible. The scheme is simple and works like this - the club owns the grandstand and keeps it at the club during the hockey season, usually October to May. Then from May to September PopUpArena has exclusive access to the grandstand, we hire it to our customers for other events and pay your club 50% of the hire fees so you can earn extra revenue all through the year. It's a great way for your club to improve the facilities and make money.

More details, including a revenue illustration are in the download below. 

PopUpArena offers a range of seating solutions and hiring options so you can even try out the kit in your club for those marquee matches or member recruitment days. Equipment to hire

PopUpArena will be at the GB v Australia International on 13th June at Lee Valley Hockey Centre so please come and see us and see how we can help your club.

Call Guy Bracewell on 07966 201751 for an initial discussion.

Join Us at the Event Production Show at Olympia - 18th & 19th February - Stand EC19

Join us at the Event Production Show at Olympia and you will get a little taste of the PopUpArena Experience and see what thousands of people have enjoyed over the last year.

PopUpArena, the leading mobile sports arena specialist, is showcasing two new products for 2015 at the Event Production Show - the PUA125 lightweight mobile grandstand and a portable rugby pitch in preparation of the Rugby World Cup. Come and see for yourself these ‘game changing’ innovations on stand EC19.

The entertainment promises to be fun. You can take the 'Beat the Bolt' challenge - a sprint over 10m to try and beat Usain Bolt's best time! Easier said than done but we know you'll be up for it. Or test the accuracy of your rugby ball passing skills on the new PopUpPitch. Think coconut shy with odd shape balls! And talking rugby, what would it really be like to face the All Blacks Haka at an international? Well, come and find out as the HakaWorks team perform right in front of the PopUpArena grandstand.

If this sounds interesting and you are planning a sporting festival in 2015, it could all happen at your event. Ask for Mike, Guy or David at the PopUpArena.

Event Production Show pre-registration below at:

New Products Launched for 2015

With the Rugby World Cup coming to England in October, a new synthetic grass surface suitable for the sport will add a new dimension to the "PopUpPitch" championed by PopUpArena. The new "interlocking tile" surface is an impressive four tone polyethylene textile bonded to a 20mm XPE foam shock pad which meets the stringent World Rugby head impact criteria.

PUA's Mike Milne-Home said, "It has taken a long time to develop the perfect portable pitch which must be easy to transport and deploy and yet match, as near as possible, the experience, quality and robust characteristics of a real pitch. We now have that surface in our armoury and the concept of transforming tarmac into a playable rugby pitch is now a reality. We look forward to EPS and the opportunity to demonstrate this excellent product.

PopUpArena's second new model for 2015 is the PUA125 mobile grandstand - an all aluminium, lightweight seating unit which can be towed with a 4x4 and which can be positioned effortlessly in previously impossible or challenging spaces. With its easy deployment and a capacity of 125 seats, the new model is already proving a great asset to PUA customer, Surbiton Hockey Club.

SHC's Keith Wallis said "To provide an outstanding experience for our visitors and spectators we needed to install proper seating. With two first class pitches it was essential to have the flexibility to move the spectator stand from one pitch to the other and to re-position the stand when additional seating is required. We approached PopUpArena who offered a portable unit which exactly fitted our requirements – having a capacity of 120+ seats but light enough to be moved by our on-site mini tractor."

The Babolat touchtennis Masters Cup

The final event for the PopUpArena festival season finished on a thrilling high in partnership with the Babolat touchtennis Masters Cup held at the National Tennis Centre. This exciting indoor touchtennis festival is an ideal example of our mobile PopUpArena sport system in action over a one day event.

touchtennis is played on a reduced 12 x 6m size PopUpArena court with foam balls and 21 inch racquets. The skill lies not in manipulating the ball with raw power but rather with deft stroke-play and chess-like manoeuvres, which is ideally suited to the PopUpArena sports performance surface.  

touchtennis is both great fun to watch and equally enjoyable to play across all ages and abilities. Have a look...

NFL Fan Engagement

In November PopUpArena supported sports event agency Wasserman in turning London's Regent Street into an American football zone for the day. The event attracted over 500,000 fans and in amongst the fun was the NFL Lab where PUA installed the 10 yard dash. This same drill zone was then re-located and re-configured outside Wembley Stadium as part of the official tailgate party for 40,000 ticket holders.  

Weetabix Sports Day

In July, Mo Farah hosted the Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day for two winning schools in the Copper Box at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. With over 200 children in attendance having FUN was the order of the day and PopUpArena designed and installed four temporary sports courts for the egg and spoon, javelin, hurdles and sack race. 

The BigJump Tour across Scotland


In July 2014 PopUpArena toured Scotland in advance of the Commonwealth games to deliver an INNOVATIVE PopUp Long Jump across a number of Sainsbury’s stores within Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. Our arena build expertise required us to engineer a sense of crowd magic, transforming overnight an empty car park space into a branded sports arena, to capture experiences and memories for participants and spectators.

Commissioned by CSM Agency (part of the Chime Group), the Long Jump provided a truly unique experience for Sainsbury’s customers to find out what it was like to sprint down the 20m long jump runway and launch themselves into a 8m 'IAAF approved' sand pit.

Prior to the tour, PopUpArena and the agency made site visits to each store to determine the appropriate methodology and assess the risks relevant to each location, this included taking account of access and available car park spaces to build on, movement of vehicle and pedestrians whilst the event was live, obstructions such as rain drains, car park lighting, trolley bays and access for emergency services and evacuation priorities..

Key to the transformation of the car parks was the RAPID overnight install and extract within just 4 hours. Each evening once the store was closed and the car park clear, our PopUpArena fleet of vehicles arrived with a crew of 8 people who then built the 30m x 15m arena before security would close the entire site down. The Arena components included 8 tonnes of high grade sand, 28 mtrs of pre-built runway and sand pit, runway performance surface, runway safety barriers, arena picket fencing and hospitality tents.

Rightly so, consistent high standards of production were demanded by the client, the store and CSM to create a real IMPACT at each site. PopUpArena did not fall short in any aspect of the contract and the campaign exceeded expectation at all the sites.

Footy 4 Food Mobile Arena

Supporting the urban Footy 4 Food charity tour around the UK was going to be a challenge we were up for. Transporting a lightweight 15 x 8m court with 3m high perimeter netting which had to be quickly packed away into a small trailer there was only ever one mobile solution. The PopUpArena interlocking perimeter allowed Footy 4 Food to make it to 10 cities in 10 days, an incredible achievement for a volunteer based charity raising awareness for food banks.

PopUpArena transforms Bristol City Centre for the Queen’s Baton Relay

Tuesday 3rd June - PopUpArena crew transformed Bristol's Millennium Square and Amphitheatre into a sports park to welcome the Queen's Baton on its way to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later in the summer. Thousands of Children took advantage of the free sports facilities and activities on offer including a mini tennis, athletics track and gymnastics arena installed by PoUpArena. Team GB Olympic gold medal rowers, Heather Stanning and Helen Glover welcomed the crowds, participated in the activities and encouraged everyone to have a go at the free sports available. 

Local man and grandfather of two, Tony Jenkinson, commented in the Brisol Post “It’s good to see the free sports for children here. Kids should be out and about more and schools don’t have the resources to do it. This is real grassroots sport, and that is just as important as the professional events. Leaving a legacy after all these big events is really hard, but I hope the Commonwealth Games at least provides more choice in sport for young people.”

PopUpArena's David Bulow said "we are proud to have provided the stage for thousands of children and residents of Bristol to play sport and be part of such a high profile and memorable event.”

PopUpArena lays track on the Millennium Bridge

On Saturday 7th June south bank early risers discovered an athletics track had appeared on London's Millennium Bridge. Overnight a PopUpArena crew installed the track on the bridge to welcome the Queens Baton on its way to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later in the summer. The track was specially branded and created a fantastic sporting atmosphere on the bridge for the media event which featured Sir Chris Hoy, Rebecca Adlington and Louis Smith as well as 55 local school children.

"This is a thrilling moment for the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee and Commonwealth Games England," said Lord Smith of Kelvin, chairman of Glasgow 2014. "The event on the Millennium Bridge today has been a superb way to celebrate the arrival of the Queen's Baton back to the great sporting city of London and showcase the sports and excitement we have to look forward to in just six weeks' time." 

PopUpArena's Mike Milne-Home commented "we are proud to have provided such a 'high profile, photogenic installation' and especially pleased that we had found an ingenious way of securing the track despite the windy conditions on the bridge."

Ex-Hire AstroTiles for the Welsh Rugby Union

The WRU recently purchased ex-hire AstroTiles from PopUpArena for one of their events in Cardiff. Naturally, the tiles had to be Red and the ex-hire unit price represented excellent value for money for what was required as an outdoor facility at such short notice for an event.

PopUpArena frequently look to sell ex-hire AstroTile surface from October onwards. Please direct any enquiries to Guy Bracewell  - email or 07966 201751

PopUpArena Creates Indoor Tennis Arena

Paddington Sports Club recently commissioned PopUpArena to transform part of their existing indoor bowling facility into a semi-permanent tennis court.

The club thought creatively about how they could use the valuable space without the expense of removing or rebuilding the bowling area. PopUpArena’s solution was an "overlay" court using its innovative AstroTile performance surface. Installed directly onto the existing surface in a single day, the new court has created an all year round tennis coaching facility, key to the growth of the club.

The appealing blue and red court was an instant hit with club members. Marcus French, Head Coach commented, "We are really impressed by the quality of the new court. It has hugely improved the visibility of the club with junior tennis participation significantly increased, bringing new revenue into the club. The court has been the equivalent of a cost effective marketing campaign with a tangible asset of a court as well."

Mike Milne-Home, Founder of PopUpArena commented, "This installation has transformed Paddington Sports Club. It's exactly the kind of project where we can make a really big difference with an instant, flexible and cost-effective solution."

Unloved Sports Area Transformed

Amateur sports clubs face the annual challenge of water logged pitches and Worcester Park football club were no different this winter and the only beneficiary of this situation was the local GOALS five aside football centre. PopUpArena approached Worcester Park to suggest that they should convert a disused tennis court and with PopUpArena ex-hire AstroTiles transform this area into an all year round football sports facility.

The benefits to the club will be significant with year round use of the facility for junior and adult training, increase in secondary spend in the club house over the bar, removal of costs of hire at GOALS, new rental income from hire to local community and more. An initiative such as this where the club has invested in this facility, however temporary, demonstrates to funders such as Sport England, their credentials and enterprise for future funds as they plan to expand the club.

Virgin Media Conference gets Sporting Theme

Working with London Agency, Full Circle, PopUpArena were appointed to bring a sporting theme to the Virgin Media management two day conference at the Manchester Central Exchange Hall. Creating an oval miniature athletics track that would act as a central speaker zone was a great success that contributed  significantly to create an engaging event.

The biggest challenge was that the athletics track had to de-rigged at the end of each afternoon for an evening function and then re-rigged overnight for the next conference day.  Design, logistics and timing to rig and de-rig was critical to make sure there was no noticeable difference to the lens of the camera.

Another Grandstand Start to the Virgin London Marathon

For another year, PopUpArena supplied mobile grandstand seating at the start of the 2014 London Marathon in Blackheath. This event represents a great example of the mobility and ease by which PopUpArena mobile Grandstand seating can be installed and removed in a short period of time. Whether this is using PopUpArena seating as your primary seating partner for smaller events or as a ‘gap filler’ within larger event seating structures,  cost per seat remains well under the industry standard

PopUpArena Tackles Panna Football

Ipswich based event business, Triball teamed up with PopUpArena to enhance their existing Panna Football experience. Panna originates from Holland and is essentially one on one football within a small playing arena. The aim is simply to improve your individual skills to beat your opponent by putting the ball through their legs. This is known as a ‘nutmeg’ to score.

Just two PopUpArena AstroTiles make a Panna 4sqm playing area that can be installed in the smallest of areas in a matter of minutes for an activity suitable for any age or ability. This represents a PopUpArena at its most simple and yet perhaps most instantly rewarding settings.

Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games ‘Take-Off’ with a PopUpArena Long Jump

In the early hours of the May Bank Holiday morning, PopUpArena installed a unique sight at London's Horse Guards as British Athletics announced the 2014 Sainsbury's Anniversary Games to be held in this iconic venue. PopUpArena built a long jump feature with an IAAF approved sand pit and 40m elevated runway. Working with media agency ICON and featuring Olympic Games gold medallist Greg Rutherford, the working set had to be constructed and then removed "without trace" within a 4.5 hour window. 

The images were released worldwide later that day. 

England Athletics City Activation Teams right on Track

In April 2014, PopUpArena were asked to partner with England Athletics to increase their participation programme across a wide cross-section of the grass roots community. PopUpArena have delivered to the City Activation teams in Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol their own individual AstroTile PopUp mobile athletics tracks for use across the cities for various events.

Chris Jones, England Athletics CEO commented “PopUpArena provides a portable, adaptable and creative alternative to traditional facilities, supplementing the competition and activity experience which is so important in removing barriers and inspiring a generation to participate in athletics across the nation”

StreetGames Doorstep Sports Goes Mobile with PopUpArena

At the Street Games Annual Conference in April at Warwick University, PopUpArena delivered the first of three mobile AstroTile120 units, purchased by StreetGames, to demonstrate their application within StreetGames local doorstep sport and national festival event programmes. The scalable benefit of three distinct units is that each unit can operate independently for smaller events within the local community and then be brought back together to collaborate and configure larger arena performance areas for festivals.

Joe Cooney, Events Manager at Street Games says "When we used our our PopUpArena at the Yarnfield Conference Centre in Stafford for the first time we found it easy to transport, layout and pack away. It provided a great focal point for formal coaching session and informal play".

Guy Bracewell, Commercial Director at PopUpArena says, "of the many worthwhile projects PopUpArena are associated with, StreetGames stands out as a beacon where the PopUpArena philosophy and arena facilities really make an impact within urban communities at a grass root level and provide an inspiring participant experience". 

Fifa world cup trophy tour

PopUpArena has created a unique interlocking perimeter netting system to help manage the skills zones at the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour sponsored by Coca Cola. The system was installed at the prestigious Westfield shopping centre in West London and then relocated to Cardiff the next day. Each venue attracted more than 5000 visitors keen to see the trophy and try out their skills. We're pleased to announce not a single ball went astray!

Sport Relief Clash of the Titans

For Sport Relief 2014 PopUpArena installed a special AstroTile performance surface for Lord Coe and John Bishop to battle it out in the Clash of the Titans. The competition was broadcast live from the Velopark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where the teams went head to head in a variety of challenges including a rhythmic gymnastics display that saw Team Coe win gold. On the night Sport relief raised over £51m and PopUpArena is very proud to have been part of this great event.

Two industry professionals join PUA

Guy Bracewell, ex CRM specialist at Harlequins and David Bulow, ex LOCOG and Sport England have joined PopUpArena. 

PUA Founder, Michael Milne-Home says "Guy and David bring with them the necessary credentials and industry experience to help us to improve our offering and the way we communicate it to the world. Their skills and connections are enabling PUA to reach many more customers and participants.

For more background on Guy and David see the team section on The Team page.

PUA helps celebrate National Paralympic Day at the Copper Box

146 young disabled people aged 11-18 years old from the East London growth boroughs took part in a day packed with sport, physical activity arts and culture to celebrate National Paralympic Day on Saturday 7th September in the Copper Box, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  

'Time to Shine', a key part of the East London post-Paralympic legacy programme, Motivate East, is an annual pan-disability event series which targets young disabled people who have not taken part in any other organised sports programmes and often do not fit into mainstream physical education/sports provision.  

Martin McElhatton, WheelPower Chief Executive commented, “the events provide young disabled people with the opportunity to have a go and compete at a wide variety of inclusive sports, including swimming, inclusive cycling, wheelchair basketball, rugby, badminton, wheelchair tennis/tennis, cricket, athletics, boccia, new age kurling, dance, archery and many more.

As well as providing unique sporting experiences, ‘Time to Shine’ has been highly commended for providing outstanding social and life skills that are by far the greatest benefit of the project, such as encouraging friendships, independence, increased self esteem and confidence to the young people that have attended to date.”

In addition to Time to Shine, National Paralympic Day saw 18,000 visitors head to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to mark one year on from the Paralympics and to relive the spirit of the London 2012 Games.

BBC lays out the red carpet (PUA track) for Usain Bolt

The BBC's One Show commissioned PopUpArena to lay a 3 lane 100m sprint track outside the studio for Usain Bolt's guest appearance.